New Investors

Congratulations you own a rental property, some hitches along the way is inevitable, as a new investor you may not be aware of the myriad duties and responsibilities that will consistently crop up - we are here to fully take the burden from you. 

We have an incredible website geared to protect you - we ensure that your tenant is aware that we are here for him but more importantly we have back you up. We keep the tenant content inorder to keep your bottom line growing! Just to give you a little scenario of the life of a landlord: It's Friday right before sundown and your tenant is calling that the steam is out of service or there is a leak in the roof, or the ever popular sewer backup. All this can pull you into significant losses and undo stress. This is where we come in, we will swoop in and take full charge of the situation at a fraction of the cost to you. 

Another area of our expertise includes assisting you from moment you close all the way to getting your rental occupied - which includes doing minor construction, cleanings and advertising the property

We will get you the best tenant through our intense screening procedures and vetting system we have developed.

For free consulting or for any info that we may be of help, please reach out; we are here for you.